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Banner of the Padain States

The Padain States is a nation founded by _ColinH and MattDB from the Republic of Esteria, which had seceded from the United Republic, as Colin, founder of Esteria, sought independence. When MattDB joined the nation on July 16th, 2019, Esteria was renamed after his city of Pada, which was made the capital of the nation. In addition, MattDB added Port Maria (formerly Port Hylan) into the newly formed republic, which was the first city in the Padain States to have a warp.

Currently, MattDB is serving as second President of the Padain States after his election and inauguration February 20th, 2020. He succeeded _ColinH, the first President, who became the third Vice President of the Padain States.


  • The Padain States is a Federal Republic that follows a Presidential system. It sits around the capital of Pada, the eastern portion of the map, with its west-most state being the state of Tesselata.
  • On August 20, 2019, the name was changed from the Padaic Republic to the Padaic States in order to tell apart the United Republic from the Padaic Republic/States.
  • On February 20th, 2019, MattDB became second President of the Padain States in an election for which he won over the incumbent president, _ColinH, and Candidate Vexnorz. Following his election, he renamed the Padaic States to the Padain States for a more aesthetically pleasing sounding demonym.
Motto: "Nos es iunctus (English: We are United)" Capital City: Pada, District of Padaics
Government: Federal Republic

Demonym: Padain

Driving Side: Right

Country Code: PS

Internet TLD: .pada


States and Districts




Capital City


Espen CGH_2005 July 9, 2019
Flag of Espen
Illemont ES State
District of Padaics MattDB July 20th, 2019
Banner of Pada
Pada DP Capital District
Tesselata Wolfyyyyyyyy (Usonia)


(Port Maria)

August 6, 2019
The Checkered Flag
Port Maria TE State
Urbs Naidcar August 19, 2019
Ustelia Flag.png
Utopia UB State
Vistar Frankonella August 28, 2019
Vistar Flag.jpg
Veraemack VR State
Supernova mastertyler04 August 28, 2019
Supernova State Flag.jpg
Supernova City SN State
Saratoga BlockCheese August 28, 2019
Saratoga Flag.jpg
Hillsborough (Future) SG State
Gardena happybob August 25, 2019 Gardena GA Territory

Former States and Territories of the Padaic Republic

State/Territory Name Former Leader Acquired Flag Capitol City Abrivation Type Date of Resignation Reason for Resignation
Gordia _Gordo July 27, 2019
Gordia Flag.jpg
Modernia GA State October 28, 2019 Joined the United Republic

Leaders of the Padaic Republic

Although the Padaic Republic started with co-presidents, the republic has now adapted a president and prime minister system.

Presidents of the Padaic Republic

President's Name Presidential Picture President # Date of Inauguration End of Term
President Colin in the New Executive Office
1 August 20th, 2019 February 20th, 2020
MattDB (Insert) 2 February 20th, 2020 Incumbent

Vice Presidents of the Padaic Republic

Vice President's Name VP Picture VP # Date of Inauguration End of Term
Former Vice President MattDB
1 August 13th, 2019 August 29th, 2019 (Retired)
mastertyler04 (Insert) 2 September 8th, 2019 February 20th, 2020
_ColinH (Insert) 3 February 20th, 2020 Incumbent

Padaic States Embassies

Embassies in the Padaic States

Embassy Location Ambassador Picture
United Republic Embassy Illemont, ES marshy_88
United States of Aurum Embassy Illemont, ES Vexnorz
DWH Embassy (Future) Illemont, ES DeanoGrego/Miles

Padaic Embassies Abroad

Embassy Location Commisoner Picture
Padaic States Embassy, Newport, United Republic (Future) Newport, United Republic _ColinH
Padaic States Embassy, Norwood, United Republic Norwood, United Republic _ColinH
Padaic States Embassy, The West Loop, United States of Aurum (Future) The West Loop, United States of Urum _ColinH


Naming of Esteria

Controversy arose over the name of _ColinH's state, Esteria (now Espen), when user _Travis claimed the name was too similar to the already extant Asteria.

Marshia Dispute

Shortly after forming the Padaic States, President _Travis of the UR began construction on a naval base in Marshia, a territory of Usonia. User Marshy_88 claimed ownership of the territory although President _ColinH had already begun construction on a town there. Disputes began over the ownership of the land. Eventually a plan was proposed by President _Travis to split the land between the two nations. President _ColinH agreed to this on the condition that President _Travis was to build an embassy in the Padaic States and complete it before August 18, 2019. Later, President _Travis requested that the agreement be changed and requested the land of Marshia for the UR but would allow for "open borders." Presidents MattDB and _ColinH did not agree. Finally an agreement was made that the land would be given to the UR so long as President _Travis halted the militarization of Marshia. As a symbol of piece, President _Travis commissioned the Unity Bridge for the Padaic States and soon after completed construction of the UR Embassy in Illemont.

United Republic Copycat Dispute

On August 28, 2019, President _Travis of the United Republic brought to the attention of _ColinH that many of the aspects of the Padaic States were similar to those of the UR. The claims were as follows and responses:

  1. Both flags are similar in design; The flag of the PS is based on the flag of MattDB's old town, Pada, which was based off Austria's flag.
  2. Copied flagpole designs; President _ColinH admitted to the copy of the flagpole design.
  3. The Name; Unintentionally similar.
  4. Presidential Portraits; The Padaic Republic's portraits were taken in a garden while the UR's were in a government building.
  5. States; The Padaic State's government was based off of the United States of America, not the UR.

A Resolution to the Similarities

On August 30, 2019, MattDB resigned from Prime Minister leaving ColinH incharge. After that Colin decided to rename the Padaic Republic to the Padaic States in order to break up the similarities. The flagpole design will be changed as well, although Travis said he was okay with our similarities. Right now the United Republic and the Padaic States are at an all time best.


Biggest Cities by Land

Rank City Land Area Mayor
1 Supernova City, Supernova mastertyler04
2 Usonia City, Callembine 180,000 Blcoks² Wolfyyyyyyyy
3 Illemont, Espen 160,000 Blocks² _ColinH
4 Modernia, Gordia tgordon05

Warps in the States

City Approvals Date of Warp Mayor
Illemont, Espen Matt



August 29, 2019 _ColinH
Supernova City Cabal



February 10, 2018 mastertyler04
Waterleaf, Espen Vexnorz



Flurry, Espen MattDB



December 1, 2019 BlockCheese

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