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Founder _ColinH
Map Creative 1.12
Warp illemont
Theme Metropolitan

Illemont is a metropolitan city founded by _ColinH for the 1.12 Creative Map. Illemont is the capitol of Espen, a state of the Padaic States

Size Properties
Area 160,000m2


Espen State Flag
The Flag of Espen State.

As the capitol of Espen State, Illemont houses many legislative buildings including the City Hall and Capitol Building.

According to the Padaic States Wiki,

The Padaic Republic, officially, the Republic of Padaics, is a Federal Republic that follows a Semi-presidential system.

_ColinH is the current mayor of Illemont and the President of the Padaic States. The Capitol Building of Illemont has accommodations for a senate and congress.



Illemont facilitates many sources of transportation. Mainly, it has a large airport near the city center. Illemont also has a train station. At the moment there is no subway in Illemont nor are there any connections to preexisting highway systems. Illemont plans to make a road connection to nearby small town Waterleaf. A highway is also planned to connect to Modernia, Chicago, thewestloop and Riverdale.

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