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Waterleaf is an upper/middle class suburb of Illemont City. Waterleaf was given a warp on 10/4/2019 and founded by pokemonfan215.

Country: Padaic Republic

State: Espen

County: Colin

Founded: September 15, 2019

Mayor: pokemonfan215

City Planning:

- pokemonfan215




ZIP Code: 52305


pokemonfan215 was approached by Espen state governor _ColinH. Colin asked pokemonfan215 to build an upperclass suburban town to which pokemonfan215 accepted. Later many other people started building in the town and on October 4, 2019 was given a warp approved by Vexnorz, Ramona and MrFerf.


Schools in Waterleaf are run by Colin County Public Schools. Schools in Waterleaf include:

Schools not run by CCPS:

  • St. Tomi's Private School (Planned)


Waterleaf has a roads which will soon connect to Illemont. Sadly right now Waterleaf is unconnected so for now in order to get to Illemont you must take boat transportation to the Padius Bay Yacht Club. A fleet of 21 school buses take students of Waterleaf to school and a public bus system is planned. Of course Uber MC and Lyft PCB currently operate in Waterleaf.