Waterleaf High School

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Waterleaf High School is a Colin County Public Schools high school that serves the greater Waterleaf area and some of Illemont City.

Waterleaf High School
2 Main Street

Waterleaf, Espen 52305

Padaic Republic

Coordinates: 15365, 64, -6499

Type: Public

Established: 2019

School District: Colin County

Public Schools (Espen)

Principal: Naidcar

Grades: 9-12

Enrollment (2019): 437

Color(s): Lime and Dark Green

Nickname: Wildcats


Waterleaf High School was built by Colin and H Construction in 2019, it is the most state of the art school in Colin County Public Schools with Promethean boards in every room, offices for some teachers, greenhouse and nice center atrium.


Waterleaf High School had a 95% graduation rate in 2019 which is very high for the surrounding schools.