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This is a list of all current staff members on the server. For staff members who are no longer active, see List of Former Staff Members

Listed join dates are according to the forums unless otherwise stated.


Name Join Date Skin Notes
_andy 19 October 2010 Andy Head.png Founder of PCB
_specialk 19 October 2010 Specialk Head.png Founder of PCB. Forum account registered 1 March 2011.
Kyle8910 19 October 2010 Kyle8910 Head.png PCB's first staff member.
Mannriah 25 May 2015 Mannriah Head 64.png Previously known as vrajitor94 and VRA.
Wairoa 15 October 2011 Wairoa Head.png Previously known as Saintnizair.

Senior Operators

Name Join Date Skin Notes
05ocram05 25 May 2012 05ocram05.png
Emfitty 10 November 2010 Emfitty skull.png Previously known as 1Pahia1.
EstevaoBuilder 3 May 2015 EstevaoBuilder Skull.png
Filipingus 20 April 2011 Filipingus Skull.png Previously known as Filipenis, Fili2K15, and Firideeks.
Kurry 17 August 2013 Kurry skull.png Previously known as kurrpeted98989.
MrFerf August 2011 MrFerf skull.png Previously known as ferfer313 and Rankers. Forum account registered 7 July 2012.
Ouhai_Ruby 5 December 2010 Ouhai Ruby Head.png Forum account registered 15 January 2011.
PrinceMark 16 August 2011 Princemark skull.png Previously known as CherryRed.
TheOctopus 17 August 2013 Theoctopus skull (ugliest out of them all ;)).png Previously known as TheUKOctopus.


Name Join Date Skin Notes
Asmodean_ 16 September 2014 Asmodean Head.png Previously known as YoshiBoy13.
BroodingSet 13 February 2015 BroodingSet Head.png
Caderina 9 September 2015 Caderina Head.png Previously known as _Claudia, ClaudiaCandy, and Clauliflower.
CallumW25 28 October 2015 CallumW25 Head.png Previously known as CallumWebb123.
hywel 5 March 2016 Hywel Head.png
jmvvana 14 January 2015 Jmvvana Head.png
Penguina 12 April 2014 Penguina Head.png
whbilbo 10 June 2015 Whbilbo Head.png


Name Join Date Skin Notes
masterboatman 20 August 2015 Masterboatman Head.png The only current moderator.