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Ouhai_Ruby is a Senior Operator on PCB. He is one of the major contributors to the current version of Big City, and is the most recent player to host a Big City Big Build contest.

Rank Senior Operator
Joined 5 December 2010


Ouhai_Ruby joined PCB during the Classic era. Although he initially joined the server in December 2010, he did not create a forum account until 15 January 2011.[1]

He quickly rose through the ranks on the Classic server, to Builder, and then AdvBuilder, the highest non-staff rank at the time. During the fallback era of Classic, he was promoted to Operator.

When the Survival server was released, he was encouraged to finally purchase the full version of the game. Because of his previous ranks on the Classic servers, he was immediately promoted to Trusted upon joining, making him one of the few players to never be Member rank on the server.

The Diamond Roof

In March 2011, Hard24get gave Ouhai_Ruby a large quantity of diamond blocks. Ouhai_Ruby thought this would be a fine material to use for the roof of his house, so he used it. Kyle8910 removed the roof, and the subsequent grief report revealed the truth that the diamond blocks were 'Hot' (had been spawned in using server commands), and that the Admins removed the roof, as well as a chest containing the leftover broken down blocks, in order to clear the server of illicitly obtained materials. Sadly, three legitimate diamonds were caught in the crossfire, and it is unknown if these were ever returned.[2]

Rise to Staff

On 13 April 2011, Ouhai_Ruby applied for Operator on the Survival server. His application was accepted with an almost unanimous Yes vote.

On 25 November 2011, just under a year after joining the server, Ouhai_Ruby was promoted to Senior Operator along with sipjca.


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