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Player Ranks


Guest is the default rank assigned to new players without a forum account. Guests are limited to building only in the Survival world, though they may freely explore the other worlds.


Member is the rank granted to players who have registered for an account on the forums. Member is the minimum rank required to build in the Creative world. Members have access to a greater range of commands than that of Guests, such as /tpa and /home, and can take part in community events.


Trusted is a rank obtained via a staff nomination process. Staff may nominate members of the community for the rank to recognize longevity or positive contributions to the server. This rank grants access to a wide range of useful commands and perks, such as /nickname, /tp, Armor Stand Tools, deathchests, and an increase from three to five homes. Trusted players are also able to able to contribute directly to Monarch, Project City Build's premier city project.

Prior to September 2014, only Donators had access to /nickname and deathchests. These permissions were added to Trusted due to the EULA changes.


Trusted+ is the highest obtainable non-staff rank. The rank is obtained via a staff nomination process much stricter than that of the Trusted rank. It is given to members of the community that represent Project City Build's core values and display outstanding dedication to the community. Trusted+ grants all permissions available to both the Trusted and Donator ranks, as well as the ability to apply for WorldEdit access in the Creative world. Trusted+ players may also be given early access to new projects for testing or advisory purposes.


Donator is the rank granted to players who have donated to Project City Build. The rank can be obtained on either a permanent or temporary basis. A donation of $30 USD or greater will result in permanent Donator privileges, while a donation of less than $30 will result in temporary privileges at a cost of $3/month. The Donator rank is separate from the main rank hierarchy and therefore is displayed concurrently for players ranked Trusted and above. Donators gain access to cosmetic privileges like colored nicknames.

Staff Ranks


Moderator is the first obtainable staff rank. Moderator can be applied for via the website when positions are available. The rank is meant to introduce staff members to moderation tools like muting, kicking, banning, and block logging. Moderators are responsible for looking after the server day-to-day and assisting players with basic needs.

Higher-ranked members of the staff team may nominate a Moderator to be promoted to Operator when they have demonstrated a good understanding of their duties.

In-game tag Tab abbr. Discord tag Tag color Forum indicator color
IgtagMod.png PcbTagModTab.png DisctagMod.png #FFFF55 #FFFF55


Operators is a rank given to staff members who deal with broader operational functions of the server. Operators are able to quickly deal with most situations that happen in-game. Operators can also review staff applications, set warps, and manage server projects and events.

In-game tag Tab abbr. Discord tag Tag color Forum indicator color
IgtagOp.png TabtagOp.png #FFAA00 #FFAA00

Senior Operator

Senior Operator is the highest obtainable staff rank. Senior Operators are the most experienced and trusted staff members within the community. Senior Operators have access to almost all server commands and deal with managerial functions of the server. Senior Operators authorize and oversee server projects, write and revise server rules, manage the staff team, and resolve bigger issues both in-game and in the community.

In-game tag Tab abbr. Discord tag Tag color Forum indicator color
IgtagSop.png TabtagSop.png #FF5555 #FF5555


Administrator is the rank reserved for staff members who are responsible for keeping the community running. Administrators have complete access to all server and community systems, allowing them to maintain all Project City Build services. Promotions to Administrator are rare: including PCB's two founders, only nine people have ever held the rank, six of which remain active as of November 2020.

In-game tag Tab abbr. Discord tag Tag color Forum indicator color
IgtagAdmin.png TabtagAdmin.png #AA0000 #BE0000


Retired is a rank given to staff members who have become inactive and remain on good terms with the rest of the team. Retired players have the same permissions as Trusteds, though they may also have access to WorldEdit if they held the permission while actively serving on the staff team.

Retired players can be reinstated to their previous staff rank if they demonstrate regular activity and express interest in contributing to the server again. Former staff members who have been demoted to Trusted must reapply for Moderator if they wish to serve on the staff team again.

In-game tag Tab abbr. Discord tag Tag color Forum indicator color
IgtagRetired.png TabtagRetired.png #AA00AA #AA00AA

Ancillary Staff Members

Ancillary staff members are players who are not active on the main server but still contribute to other Project City Build services, like the Feed The Beast server. At the moment, there is no distinction for ancillary staff members on the main server.

Classic Ranks

The player rank hierarchy on the Classic server was based on building skill, rather than community involvement. Being early in Project City Build's and Minecraft's history, standards for promotion were much looser than what might pass today. The standards listed below should not be interpreted as a benchmark for build quality on the modern main server.

With the exception of TraineeOP, Classic staff ranks are directly comparable to modern staff ranks in both name and function and therefore have been omitted from this list.


Initiate was the first building rank granted to players after Guest. To receive Initiate, players were only required to complete one simple build -- a house, a sculpture, a work of pixel art -- in the guestcity world. The rank was meant to serve as a layer of protection from griefing, much the same way that Member functions today.


Builder was the second building rank granted to players with reasonable building skill. To receive Builder, players were required to complete two or more builds that showed improvement from Initiate. Builders were expected to understand very basic building principles like scale and detail as they were understood in the Classic era.

Builders were given access to and encouraged to build in the buildercity world. In limited special cases, Builders were able to appeal for a personal world.


AdvBuilder was the third building rank granted to players with substantial building skill and a greater sense of aesthetics. To receive AdvBuilder, players were required to complete four or more builds that were larger or more detailed than those made for the Builder rank. Promotion to AdvBuilder required the approval of two different staff members.

AdvBuilders were given access to and encouraged to build in the advcity world as well as Classic's Big City. AdvBuilders were also given a personal 256x256-block world to build in. Once this map was filled, AdvBuilders were able to request a new one.


ProBuilder was the fourth and final building rank granted to players who had demonstrated the greatest level of building skill on the server. There was no numeric threshold set to receive ProBuilder, but builds were expected to be grand and demonstrate a "wow factor". Promotion to ProBuilder required the approval of three different staff members.

ProBuilders were given up to three personal worlds to build in at a time. Once one of these maps was filled, ProBuilders were able to request a new one.


TraineeOP was the first staff rank on the Classic server. Like Moderator today, it served as a trial rank to introduce players to a staff role and determine whether they were fit to continue on the team.

Removed Ranks

The following ranks were previously used on the main server and have since been decommissioned.


Guide was a rank that was meant to serve as a transition between player and staff member. It was introduced on 26 March 2016. Unlike all other by-nomination ranks, candidates for Guide were nominated exclusively by the community and voted on by everyone. Batches of three guides were promoted in three-month cycles, with four of these cycles occurring over the rank's lifetime. Guides were granted permission to convenience commands like /checkban, /seen, and /jail. Guides were intended to alleviate some of the duties of Moderator, but this ended up causing confusion about the boundaries of responsibility between the two ranks. On 17 March 2017, dissolution of the Guide program was officially announced, and the last batch of Guides were left to complete their terms. The rank was removed on 3 April 2017.

As of November 2020, seven of the eleven players who served as Guide have also served on the staff team, with three of those players reaching Senior Operator.

List of former Guides

Term Guide 1 Guide 2 Guide 3
1 26 March 2016 - 1 July 2016 jmvvana The_Jacob whbilbo*
2 1 July 2016 - 3 October 2016 AlphaMD EstevaoBuilder Vexnorz
3 3 October 2016 - 3 January 2017 hywel Katycat_ Poctivy_Ani
4 3 January 2017 - 3 April 2017 Furten_Fur mount2010 Vexnorz

* whbilbo served as a Guide for an additional month during the second batch while Vexnorz was unable to play actively.