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Rank Administrator
Joined 25 May 2015
Previous Names mannriah


Mannriah is an administrator. He arranges a lot of the server's day to day operations. Mannriah Joined Project City Build on the 25th of May 2015 and has been an active member of the community since joining. Mannriah has previously be known by the usernames: vrajitor94, vrajitor and VRA. He is best known for helping out players as a World Edit slave and for mediating staff member disagreements.


Mannriah began his first city when he joined PCB with jabrenpanvilla, another new player on PCB. Together they founded the city Jahvrapollis, neighbouring the cities of Empire City, Burnton and Elton. Shortly after the founding of Jahvrapollis, the creative map was reset and Mannriah and Jahbrenpanvilla went their separate ways.

Mannriah went on to found Gibraltar one of the First Five, a group of cities which were the first and most famous cities at the beginning of the Creative 1.8 map. Shortly after its founding, Mannriah befriended some of the other players on PCB, namely Amphitryon, Koalamama, Jmvvana, Whbilbo, TheJacob and Laurenp277.

Ascending the Ranks

It wasn't long before Mannriah decided that Project City Build was a place to call home. On the 29th of August 2015, Mannriah donated US$20 to server. Not even 48 hours later on the 31st of August, he earned the trust of the staff team and he was promoted to the rank of Trusted.

Approximately 3 weeks passed and on September 21st, Mannriah decided to apply for a position on the staff team as a Moderator. His app was a close call, passing only by 1 vote after lengthy discussions between staff. 8 days later on the 29th of September, Mannriah was promoted to the rank of Moderator.

At Mannriah's first moderator review, staff agreed that Mannriah had done an exceptional job and was ready to be promoted to Operator. Piehole314 famously rated Mannriah as "11/10 -IGN". Mannriah was officially welcomed to the position of Operator on the 30th of October 2015, just over 5 months since joining PCB.

Over the following year, Mannriah was actively involved in community projects, including oranising the 2015 Christmas Town event which was hugely successful and was even the setting for the 2015 Christmas promo video produced by AGx. When the time came for Senior Operator nominations in September 2016, Mannriah along with TheOctopus was promoted to Senior Operator.

Random Facts

Mannriah once demoted himself to the rank of Trusted because he didn't want to work with a particular player and decided the best way to avoid conflict was to resign. This lasted approximately 48 hours before another Senior Operator re-instated his rank.

Mannriah was the second fastest player to attain the rank of Senior Operator after Kurry.