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Rank Operator
Joined 25 July 2014

tomicalover (he/him. Also known as tomi) is an Operator who joined in late July of 2014.


tomicalover's first town upon joining PCB was a rustic Italian themed village named Verona.

After the creative reset, tomicalover focused on the Parisian-themed city of Bordelon. However, progress was slow and it never earned warp status.

After a brief hiatus, tomicalover returned to PCB in 2019 and began work on Titania, a gilded-age city. The map was wiped before the city could sufficiently develop so the concept of the city was reestablished for the 2020 creative map.

Rank History

tomicalover became trusted in January 2015 at the nomination of Amphitryon (formerly YoshioTanabe). tomicalover applied for staff in April 2020 and was subsequently promoted to Operator in September 2020.


  • tomicalover has kept the same username and skin since he joined PCB in 2014.
  • The name tomicalover is a combination of "tomica" and "lover."
  • tomicalover has only been banned once.