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Flurry is a small rural town in Espen, Padaic States. Flurry is famous for it's Christmas traditions and Tudor style architecture.

Country: Padaic States

State: Espen

County: Colin

Founded: November 14, 1890

Recognized at Town: December 1, 1979


Mayor: BlockCheese

City Planning:





ZIP Code: 52307


First Building in Flurry

When Thomas Stevenson was contacted by the Padaic government to claim land, he erected a building. That building is still around today, it is the end building, currently the bakery. over time, people added to it and made rows. The town hall was built in 1930.


Schools in Flurry are run by Colin County Public Schools. Currently there is only one school in Flurry:

Flurry Elementary School
  • Flurry Elementary School (Serves Flurry, Alpine and part of Naskai)

For Middle and High School, students of Flurry (and Alpine) take a bus over to Lake Shores Middle School and Bay Shores High School


There are roads connected to Lake Shores and Naskai.