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The Empire of Lucite (Lucite) was a nation on PCB. It was one of the largest nations in PCB, consisting of many cities. The official state religion is Borborism.


Lucite was founded by jmvvana and KingJohn/Morpheus/KingOfSweden/ after the Budapest Pact of September 2015. Nations prior to Lucite were largely unorganized and almost completely demilitarized. Lucite was a group of cities under a single flag, each city giving one (usually the mayor) representative to the Congress of Lucite. The capital of the nation was Budapest, a beautiful and sprawling city. The first president was elected days after Lucite's creation with jmvvana at the helm. Everyone in congress had equal power, and a vote required a majority to pass. The president served as moderator of the meetings and had no special powers. Under this system, Lucite rapidly expanded with members from across the map. Its influence grew exponentially; quickly dwarfing other nations of the server. Congressional meetings were held often, successfully passing legislation and sharing ideas. In this time, Lucitian presence on the Alga Sea expanded with the construction of Frank Island, Fort Copacabana, and a daunting Capital Fleet. The flagship of the Lucitian Navy was the L.N. JMV, constructed by BHUNTLY and jmvvana. Lucite entered friendly relations with Freehold, another city on the Alga Sea.

Lucite went to war with several nations but it's conflict with Greenville is most notable. At this time, nations and cities began massing weapons together and using them in wars. The Greenville War is commonly seen as PCB's most major war, as most nations fought in it. After this war, Lucite went under minor reforms, removing the President position and replacing it with the Prime Minister position. Claudia was elected as the first Prime Minister of Lucite and served several months until jmvvana was once again elected.

Lucite and Qatar then entered a cold war a few months later. Qatar used several members of the Lucite Parliament as spies to gut Lucite from the inside out. This ended with many reforms to the Lucite system, and almost all nations ceased operations in fear of being banned. After several stagnant months, Lucite was revived and reformed, jmvvana was elected as Prime Minister again, and Estevaobuilder was elected as Chancellor. At this point, countless cities and even other nations were absorbed into Lucite, and it amassed a larger military than the rest of PCB combined. Lucite was the world's only superpower, without any competition. In this time, the UAE (Formerly part of Lucite) agreed to be absorbed into Lucite creating the Lucite Empire. The Lucite Empire was divided in two, the Union of Lucite led by jmvvana as Prime Minister controlled the East and much of the PCB Map while the Confederacy of Lucite led by King John (ImAMemer) controlled the West. Tensions between the two parties rose steeply in the coming months, and KingJohn wrote the Rose Act, ceceding the Confederacy from the Union. The last war held on PCB before their banning was the Lucite Civil War. Union forces controlled most of the Map, with the Confederate Royal Forces controlling cities like New Hanson, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Jakegrad and others. The communist city of Jakegrad converted to a capitalist system and deserted the Confederacy in favor of the Union. Many cities followed, leaving Dubai and New Hanson, the Confederate Capital. After several tense days, Vexnorz of i Dubai pledged neutrality, edging the war in the Union's favor. KingJohn was banned soon after the war ended, leaving the Lucite Union the sole power of the world once again. Lucite effectively controlled most of the map and most of its major cities. After the Lucitian Civil War, Lucite reformed its government again, stopping most elections and building new parliament buildings and infrastructure, including the massive Reichstag in the capital city of Budapest. Jmvvana assumed the role of Emperor, Estevaobuilder acting second-in-command as Consul. Apex, with cities such as Axiom and Freehold was created. Several of Apex's cities were on the Alga Sea, which was a major threat to Lucite's Capital, Budapest. A cold war ensued, leaving Lucite as the winner. Freehold ceceded from Apex and created Bayonne. To prevent future conflicts on the Alga Sea, Lucite and Bayonne created ASTO, the Alga Sea Treaty Organization. Afterwards, jmvvana and Estevaobuilder wrote a crucial document called "Project Radix". Project Radix sought to expand the size and world presence of Lucite. Towns and cities such as Salzbaden and Kistelek, forts, missile bases, naval coalitions, fighter squadrons, tank divisions, and increased national infrastructure such as the expansion of JmvRail. More cold wars followed, such as the cold war with Lunden on the Belport Sea where a massive military presence was established in New Concordia by jmvvana and new Admiral of the Navy, Ryicidal. The New Concordian Fleet, or the Fleet of the Belport Sea had many ships, some of which were named after members of the grunge band Nirvana. The final cold war was the three-way cold war with Volare and Neo-Canada, notably ending on 4/20. The Demilitarized Zone between the walls constructed outside of Konin, Portland and Volare was quickly overgrown with fields of marijuana, tanks immobilized among the fields. At the end of the creative map, Lucite remained the largest nation by size, member count, city count, presence, and military structure. Despite its controversial standing Lucite is remembered fondly by many, and it is directly cited as an inspiration for many nations of newer maps, such as the Kingdoms of Diuetta. After the end of the creative map, Lucite was officially and permanently disbanded. The great story of Lucite ended, allowing for a new chapter on the next creative map. "The New Lucite" is not recognized by jmvvana or other Lucitian officials as a successor state to the original Lucite, and it is seen as a pretender state. Due to the Lucitian Civil War, in which the Union defeated the Confederacy, former Confederate members have no claim to the succession of Lucite.


  • And more unnamed/forgotten cities