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Vienna is a Western-Central European themed city located in the northern part of the 1.15 Creative Map. The city is owned and built by Totqlity. The city itself is was once apart of the United Republic of Corallium located within the State of Danube. On January 29, 2021, due to the uncertainty of Corallish existance, the State of Danube was declared a protectorate of the Kingdom of Tulpfloerdam. The name "Vienna" comes from the Latin-Celtic words "Vindo" (meaning White or Fair) and "Bona" (meaning Fort or Village) which form the name "Vindobona". Over time the name was corrupted and shortened to "Vienna" after Germanic Languages entered the city. An alternative meaning behind the name comes from the Dutch word "Vedunia" which means "Forested Stream". While the origin of the name is disputed, the nickname of the city is common throughout, being nicknamed the "City of Dreams" and the "City of Music" due to the history of Musicians and opportunities.


The Natives

The first settlement in the area of modern day Vienna was founded in the year 905 B.C.E making it the oldest established settlement in the area. The city was first established by Native Cascadians (Iroquoian Tribe) and called their city Conaquanosshan. During the spring of 1002, Conaquanosshan was swept away in a flood and leaving the natives homeless. The Iroquoians fled the area in search for better land.

New Beginnings

It is unknown how the German language made its way to the region. There is no documentation of any Germanic tribe ever stepping foot into the Danube Valley prior to the 1600's. Without any records of the actual founding of a city remotely close to Vienna, they go with the founding of Conaquanosshan as they had found burials and mounds left by the Natives. Nonetheless, the city that would become Vienna was first recognized by Iroquoian Tribes in 1204.

"An der Schönen Blaunen Donau"

Vienna kept to itself and was a very reserved city, rarely ever reaching out to the outside world. Vienna was then contacted by Dutch explorers in 1632 (the same year other Dutch explorers settled in Tulpfloerdam). These Dutchmen settled in Vienna, influencing the architecture and diversifying the city. Even to this day, you can see the remanence of Dutch architecture in the gilded gables atop the buildings that wall off Oudeplatz (even the name "Oudeplatz" is a mix of German and Dutch).