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Petroliam is a now retired Senior Operator on PCB. He assisted in running the classic fallback server hosted by fatso12321.

Rank Senior Operator
Joined 1st December 2010
Previous Names liam599


Petroliam (previously known as liam599) joined the server in December 2010, in the early days of PCB Classic. He created a forum account on 15th December 2010, attempting to find information on why the server was down at the time, not aware that the classic server was notoriously unstable.[1]

His builds gained him Adv. Builder rank soon followed by a staff position as Operator, due to his activity and willingness to assist new players.

When support for the classic server was abandoned, Petroliam helped fatso12321 run the Fallback server. As neither of them owned the newly released Minecraft Survival multiplayer, they continued to run classic as it's primary staff members, giving Petroliam Senior Operator status. Petroliam joined the Survival server some time in early 2011, retaining his Senior Operator rank.

Petroliam remained an active staff member on PCB until 2014, when his university studies took priority. He is still occasionally seen on the server, forums and discord during his free time.

Staff Progression

Running the classic Fallback server with fatso12321 gained Petroliam the Senior Operator rank. Moving to survival multiplayer this rank remained as he he had the ability to assist with new players and behind the scenes management on the forums, whilst learning the necessary commands for the new server.

The promotions of Petroliam and fatso12321 to Senior Operator marked the first promotions of Senior Operator on the survival multiplayer server. Until this point it was only held by NekTM, one of the original staff members alongside _andy, _specialk, Kyle8910 and TKPenalty.


In the early days of the old PCB YouTube channel, Petroliam featured in a short Minecraft survival "let's play" series with fatso12321 and Rebzy (known as vaiovista at the time of recording).[2] The series currently has approximately 800 views in total, the majority of which are likely from members of the PCB community.


  • Acted as priest for the wedding of Ymbninjakiller and CherryRed (now known as PrinceMark <ref>YouTube, "Wedding Of Ymb and Cherry"
  • Ran an Assassins Faction during the short "faction wars" era of the server.
  • Has been known as "The Welsh SOP"


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