Master City

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Master City
Downtown Master City
Downtown Master City, looking towards the warp location
Founder masterboatman
Map Creative 1.12
Warp mastercity
Theme Modern City

Master City is a waterfront city located in the southwest region of the Creative 1.13 Map. It is the most recent and largest city to join the Grand Republic of Diuettium. Master City is in close proximity to Avalon, Barcalos, West Somewhere, and Savoie Maritime. Master City is the largest of these cities. The city's founder, masterboatman is the only active and regular builder in the city, although he has had some help with some builds such as the Stadium made by ATPPRICE and an Italian restaurant and skyscraper designed by MattDB.


Masterboatman created Master City in light of the lack of building opportunities in his previous city New Vex City. He wanted to create a modern waterfront city. Masterboatman's vision of Master City can be seen by observing the western part of the city, as the city is bordered by a seawall wrapping around most of the western part of the city.

Master City joined the Grand Republic of Diuettium after being invited to do so by the Republic's Grand Consul MattDB. Master City was amongst the first cities to join the Republic and masterboatman has the ranks of Consul and Provencial Governer, in the Republic. Masterboatman has helped a lot in the development of the Republic, such as creating the Master City-Avalon Highway and has helped Dantosky with the Master City-Avalon Canal.

City Plan

Master City is planned to have a residential district/suburb to the south of the city across the small inlet of water. Master City also is planned to have an industrial district north of the city which will be connected via a series of bridges that will bridge the Inter-Master City canal, which separates downtown, central, Master City from the rest of the surrounding land.