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A view of Barcalos's City Hall, facing east
Founder verajasper
Map Creative 1.12
Warp Barcalos
Theme Various

Barcalos is a port city in the Southwest of the Creative 1.12 map. The city has an approximate area of 0.39 square kilometers, with 53 buildings and an estimated population of 350 residents. The name Barcalos is a direct derivation from the modern Spanish city Barcelona



Barcalos was founded in July of 2017 by Trusted verajasper and subsequently approved on the 17th of August by Moderator LykaiosFelan, Operator Emfitty, and Admin Wairoa.

Rejuvenation Efforts

Barcalos was ceded to Member MattDB in late 2017, and remained a work in progress until Member MrMuffinFish resumed efforts in the city in early December. These efforts were spearheaded by the construction of a large port, and building has continued in the city since. MattDB ceded the city to MrMuffinFish in early 2018.


In March of 2018, MrMuffinFish began an ambitious and ongoing project to connect Barcalos with the cities of West Somewhere (Owner: Trusted Potato123) and Avalon (Owner: Operator Dantosky) by road and rail, as well as the island city of Savoie Maritime (Owner: Trusted Potato123) by sea. A bridge between the mesa north of West Somewhere and the coast south of Barcalos has begun to be constructed approximately 1.6 km SSW of the Barcalos City Hall. Rail connections to Avalon have been planned but not yet constructed.


In June of 2018, MrMuffinFish, MattDB, and Operator masterboatman hatched an ongoing plan to connect and develop the far Southwest of the map with highways.

One Year Anniversary

In preparation for Barcalos's one year anniversary on August 17th, 2018, MrMuffinFish has revamped the city and expanded greatly, in anticipation for a parade and festival.


The 10 neighborhoods of Barcalos, as well as Barcalos National Park, and a national exclave owned by charlieisbomb. (circa August 2018)


With City Hall at (-9760, 80, 5035) Barcalos is located 11 km WSW of Spawn on the West Coast of the Tiberian Peninsula, facing the Sea of Ganymede on a plain approximately 2.6 km wide, limited by the Morelese Hills, the River Douro to the North and East, and the River Aragon to the South. The plain covers an area of 1.3 square kilometers, 0.39 of which are the city itself. The city shares no land borders with other cities, and is separated from Avalon by the Morelese Hills. Bridges connect Barcalos to land North and East, and a planned bridge to West Somewhere will connect Barcalos to the most Western regions of the map.


The seven neighborhoods that make up Barcalos's dense, downtown core.
The seven neighborhoods that make up Barcalos's dense, downtown core. (circa June 2018)

List of Neighborhoods

Number Name Area


Area Rank Notes
1 Old Quarter -- 10 The original Barcalos, prior to MrMuffinFish's development
2 Portside -- 9 MrMuffinFish's first major contribution to the city, redesigning the existing port
3 Stuyvesant Park -- 8 Contains many smaller commercial and apartment-style buildings
4 North Shore -- 6 Home to a large mural and park
5 Atocha -- 4 Defined by Atocha Station
6 Olympic -- 5 Defined by the Olympic Museum, built by A_Good_Shrimp
7 Continental -- 1 Defined by Continental Industries built by Finlays_Chuchuk
8 South Barc -- 7 The furthest neighborhood from the warp, notable for its diagonal architecture
9 Stadium -- 2 Defined by the large stadium at its core
10 Capitale -- 3 An undeveloped neighborhood home to a mysterious abandoned project

Note: The neighborhoods are numbered in the order they were founded.

Other Areas

Name Area (km2) Area Rank Notes
Barcalos National Park -- 1 A large nature preserve with large mountains and abundant lakes
National Exclave -- 2 An exclave of a neighboring town, owned by charlieisbomb

Structures of Barcalos

Main page: Structures of Barcalos

Below is an abbreviated table of all structures in Barcalos.


Building Builder(s) Building Height Co-ordinates Neighborhood Use Notes
Barcalos City Hall verjasper




Old Quarter Administrative The Barcalos City Hall has gone through 3 renovations in its extensive history, each one occurring during successive ownership
Grand Barcalos Hotel verajasper Old Quarter Commercial Notable for the three doge statues on its roof
Tower Apartments verjasper


Old Quarter Residential Tallest building in the Old Quarter
Villanova Block verjasper Old Quarter Commercial/


Home to Mario and Mario's Pizzeria
Santaña Block verajasper Old Quarter Commercial/


Home to the Barcalos Gift Shop and Bookstore
Don Quixote Building VertitreX Old Quarter [undecided] [unfinished]
Barcalos Port Museum MrMuffinFish Portside Recreational Currently exhibiting Truman's Space Oddities
Capital Customs MrMuffinFish Portside Administrative Home to the Barcalos Customs Office
Cafe Barcalos MrMuffinFish Old Quarter Commercial
[unnamed] MrMuffinFish Old Quarter Residential Apartments
First Bank of Barcalos MrMuffinFish



North Shore Commercial
[unnamed] MrMuffinFish North Shore Commercial/


Right of Bank
[unnamed] MrMuffinFish


North Shore Commericial/


Home of Emilio's Dentistry
Mulcare Block MrMuffinFish


North Shore Commercial/


Home to the Barcalos Travel Agency
[unnamed] verajasper Old Quarter [undecided] Checkered Black and White floor
[unnamed] verajasper Old Quarter Notable for large flagpole
Bell Block verajasper Old Quarter Notable for clocktower
[unnamed] MrMuffinFish


Stuyvesant Park Commercial A cafe
[unnamed] verajasper Stuyvesant Park [undecided] Only building built by verajasper not in the Old Quarter
[unnamed] MrMuffinFish Stuyvesant Park [undecided] Left of Gas Station
Coca-Cola Block MrMuffinFish Stuyvesant Park Commercial/


Home of a Music Store and notable for Coca-Cola logo
Mario's Ristorante MrMuffinFish Stuyvesant Park Commercial An Italian Restaurant
Apple Store MrMuffinFish


Stuyvesant Park Commercial
[unnamed] MrMuffinFish Stuyvesant Park Residential Overlooks a small fountain
Barbados Casino MrMuffinFish Stuyvesant Park Commercial A combined Art Deco/Brutalist build
Atocha Station MrMuffinFish


Atocha Rail Station The largest building in Barcalos in volume, designed after the real life Atocha Station in Madrid. Runs four tracks.
5th Ave. Mansion A_Good_Shrimp Atocha Residential Designed after a mansion on NYC's 5th Ave.
[unnamed] A_Good_Shrimp Atocha [undecided]
[unnamed] A_Good_Shrimp Atocha [undecided]
[unnamed] MrMuffinFish Atocha [undecided]
[unnamed] MrMuffinFish Atocha [undecided] Designed after a building in Troy, NY

Notable Players

  • Founder: verajasper
  • Owner: MrMuffinFish
  • Top Contributors: Vir_Caeli, A_Good_Shrimp, Finlays_chuchuk
  • Other Contributors: Azraellea, breadhead12, VertitreX, MattDB, Emiliology, 19skills19, TJKminer, gummibear809, Hypersebbe, buddermanx, Thor_14672, SkepticalEye, LailaBagge, mobhuntah, Trumanator0, BlondeGamer152, Zildan