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whbilbo known as (Will) is a fairly active player on PCB and is mayor of Montmorency. He is a member of the community. His Nicknames Include Will, Communist Space Baby, Wuh-huh-bilbo, and Hoe. whbilbo joined PCB on June 19th 2014 following the return of a field trip and has been an active member of the community since joining. His Friends on the server are Mech265, jmvvana, 0Silver0, Cabal/Ramona, , Mannriah, Wairoa, The_Jacob, Totqlity, tomicalover, and AshOverpowers.

He refers to himself as an "Antisocialite"


Following a field trip to Lake St. George In Aurora Ontario Will decided to look up a server to build his own city, upon finding PCB he registered and joined into the Creative 1.7 Map and started a city called Burnton. Burnton was located in the southern part of the map and was to Will's current standards "quite pathetic". Following An Accidental Greif In January of 2015 (Spreading gravel around to illude to a building collapsing for a role play) Will forgot about the server and rejoined later in May of 2015 only to appeal and find out he was banned and reintroduced to the server by PrincessPanda to find the city he left to have grown slightly yet retaining its still decency.

July 2015 Creative 1.8 Reset

Following the reset of the creative map in July of 2015, Will started a city called Portland. Portland grew throughout the summer of 2015 and became one of the most well known, and largest creative maps of the time.

Rank to Rank

During this time, whbilbo was promoted to the rank of Trusted in Late August 2015 by then Operator Koalamama. In late 2015 whbilbo was undergoing some psychological stress and took a few breaks off while still retaining ownership to Portland. As the new year rolled around, so did a new city, and by extension a new rank. While Portland had changed drastically to have skyscrapers that pierced the sky, a transit system unlike no other and residential neighborhoods that spread out for hundreds of blocks, a new purple rank was at Will's hands (not retired) Guide Rank! Guide Rank was gifted to those who had slightly more time in the community and invested in it more than the average Trusted player. Whbilbo, as well as Jmvvana and The_Jacob were the first cycle of guests who had abilities such as rollback, as well as logblocking and kicking players. Following the first cycle of Guide, Jmvvana and The_Jacob applied for the Moderator Position with their results being their results. Whbilbo did not apply because he was anxious about not getting the rank so he stayed a Guide for two more cycles leaving him as the longest running Guide in PCB History. Following the position of Guide whbilbo stayed as a Trusted Member. the year went by and 2017 was on the Horizon. As a Situation in Early 2017 lead to a demotion back to Member for three months, whbilbo kept on building up Portland and remained quite quiet while trying to regain the trust of staff. On July 4th 2017, Whbilbo received the position of Moderator in a 12-0 Vote, and was trained by Jmvvana soon after. Following the position of Moderator for a while, whbilbo received the Operator Rank, during this time whbilbo did his job at a subpar level and had left the server for some periods.