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The City of Vegas Nuevas is located in the southeast part of the creative map. Fictionally, it has a population of about 685,000, more than twice the population of Saint Paul, Minnesota (USA). Vegas Nuevas is currently the biggest city/metropolitan area in the nation of Arial, a nation that might only have a population of 1.6 million, but is not afraid to speak out.

Fictional History

Early History

In 1959, a group of explorers and military veterans from communist Arial were sent to head south, looking for open land that would make room for immigrants. That order was made by supreme leader of communist Arial, Wilhelmus van Oranje. Along the way, the group of Arials chopped a narrow pathway through the overwhelmingly crowded, but lavish jungle. It was only 3 months of exploring through the jungle, when they reached a river. Across and south of the river was flat land, which is now Downtown Vegas Nuevas.

In 1960, a narrow, 2-lane highway (1 lane each direction) was paved for Brazilian Immigrants to travel from South Arial National Airport to the lonely plain.

Failure and Downfall of Nieuwe Vegas

By 1971, only 7,801 people had settled in the lonely plains. This had angered Jan van Oranje (son of Wilhelmus van Oranje), and as a result, he stopped supplying the Brazilian immigrants food and shelter. Entering 1984, the population count showed that only 2,600 of them survived the isolation. As a result, most of the population of Arial (160,000 at the time) erupted in anger. As a result, on December 3, 1984, Jan van Oranje was shot to death, just outside his home. It would result in a different set of leaders, and a completely different government.

Arial's first Prime Minister Dirk Overmaar was appointed, and right off the bat, he turned straight towards the mostly isolated Nieuwe Vegas (what it was called, at the time). In April, 1985, he sent 700 officials down to bring the Brazilian Immigrants back up, as Overmaar had a better plan for the land. Following that, the suffering immigrants would survive in what is now the East Suburbs of North Arial.

Sudden Growth in Vegas

In 1991, a whole community of buildings were complete in what is now the downtown area. As a result, Dirk Overmaar completely emptied and relieved the extremely overpopulated area of North & South Arial, by sending 10,000 Brazilian Immigrants to live in the new Vegas. By 1993, 4 whole neighborhoods were up and running in Vegas Nuevas, and as a result, the population reached 80,000 that year. In 1995, 3 skyscrapers were constructed and completed in Vegas Nuevas, and the population hit a staggering 230,000 people. Only 4,000 people living in the city were not Brazilian (the 4,000 were Dutch). By the end of 1996, the Green Tower was complete as the tallest structure in Arial, standing at 104 stories high, and the city's population rocketed to 325,000.