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The Tri-City Region or Greater Tri-City Area was the highest-tier administrative body and geographical area for Victoria, Bayside and Sackets Harbor located in the North East of PCB's current creative world.

It was a regional authority with interests over transport, development, urban growth and environmental management. In terms of structure, power was devolved to each city of the administrative body, meaning every city within the region has it's own laws and rules, although planning and negotiations were regularly upheld as whole in the areas of interest mentioned earlier. Each city had it's own governing body, including Victoria's own separate council.

Current Members

Its administrative body consisted of the three mayors of each city, which were David9336, Willink and LordEnkrir and other elected members forming an assembly, where members were free to apply through contacting either of the Mayors. The historically permanent members of the authority were Victoria, Bayside and Sackets Harbor.

Government Offices

Its main offices and headquarters were located within central Victoria due to the city historically being the founding city of the region.