The Federation of Volare

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The Federation of Volare was a PCB CMP Nation consisting of 13 cities and 1 city-state.


  • Apollo (Capitol City)
  • Artemis
  • Palmont (Old Capitol City)
  • Oakwood
  • Dubai
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Clayton
  • Lunden
  • New Rome
  • Iris
  • Bristol
  • Oreville
  • Briston
  • Dohton
  • Luxe
  • Selene (City-State)


Current President: J. Daniel Atlas (Vexnorz)

Current Vice President: Joe Vanacore (Jmvvana)

Current Speaker of the Senate: Hector-Este (EstevaoBuilder)


  • Vexnorz
  • Cookie
  • Ava
  • Buddy
  • Roberto
  • Noel
  • Jake_Mu
  • Whbilbo (Neo-Canada)
  • Jmvvana (Lucite)
  • EstevaoBuilder (Lucite)
  • David (Victoria)
  • Lykaios (Doge Nation)
  • Vera (Doge Nation)
  • Miles (Selene)

Fictional Location

The Continental Federation of Volare is set around the southern UK, central France and Italy with a territory in the UAE and in the mid-western United States.

Political Stance

Volare is allied with the State of Victoria, the Empire of Lucite, the Fire Nation, Bayonne and Neo-Canada.

Volare is also apart of ASTO.


Luso-Volarian War of 1929

In September 6th, 1929, Lucite tanks move to the Hades Desert near Apollo, Volare (capital of the country). Police were called in to arm the border line and soon the VER Armored Division (Volare Emergency Response) moved in. Weeks later, on September 24th, the Empire of Lucite fires ICBM missiles at Apollo and moves in an aircraft carrier near the shared N-C/Volare Naval Base, Fort Beswick. President Robert Alcoetius then declared the country in a state of emergency state and later declared war. Lucite then opened fire at Fort Poseidon, the Volare Naval Base in eastern Apollo. Volare then began strategically capturing islands and converting them into military bases in the Avallon Sea (East of Apollo). President Robert Alcoetius also calls upon the use of drones over Budapest and the Avallon. A few weeks later the battle front becomes stagnant. President Robert Alcoetius then calls for a peace treaty with the Empire of Lucite. The Avallon Sea Treaty is then signed in January of 1930.