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PCB's first Survival spawn

The Survival/Creative server is the main Project City Build server. It is a server consisting of two main worlds, Survival, and Creative. The Survival world is a world where money is allowed and is intended to produce a more economy focused gameplay, while the Creative world is for projects such as cities on a larger scale. The Survival/Creative server also contains Big City, which serves as it's lobby.

The Survival/Creative server's IP is

Notable events

  • 7th Jul, 2017 - Creative reset and the switch to a custom world generator
  • 24th Jun, 2017 - Update to Minecraft 1.12
  • 11th Dec, 2016 - Update to Minecraft 1.11
  • 16th Nov, 2016 - Update to Minecraft 1.10, Survival and Market map reset
  • 11th Jun, 2016 - Update to Minecraft 1.9
  • 27th Mar, 2016 - Introduction of Guide rank
  • 22nd Dec, 2015 - Creative Head Bank opened
  • 19th Dec, 2015 - Big City Big Build competion
  • 18th Feb, 2011 - Survival server opened to the public