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The Flag of St. Catchpole.(Designed by sushionsale)

St. Catchpole is an island nation and fishing village, located at /warp StCatchpole. Styled after Bermudan architecture, St. Catchpole is a port city in the south-west of the Creative 1.12+ map. The island has an approximate area of 0.2 square kilometers, with 20+ buildings and an estimated population of 40 residents. The name St. Catchpole comes from the town of "Ottery St. Catchpole" located in England. It uses the currency Chen («), where one Chen equates to 20¢ in server currency.


St. Catchpole was discovered by Spanish Conquerors in 1445 when they landed on a rock on the north side beach. This rock was later moved inland to protect its structural integrity, and it is a popular attraction for tourists. St. Catchpole was then colonized by Spanish, English, and Japanese settlers, allowing for cultural diffusion to take place and let the island take on traits from each of these cultures. On April 2, 1889, St. Catchpole gained independence from Spain and began its own government with a new currency, flag and mayor.


St. Catchpole was founded in February of 2018 by sushionsale. After discovering the island and making sure it could be built upon and wasn't claimed, Sushi set to work on making the island into a fishing village and nature preserve. The south side has been kept development free and the north side was developed with a fishing town and vacation area. In October 27 of 2019, Sushi granted co-ownership to MattDB, where they would continue development together. On the same day, St. Catchpole joined the United Republic, and began building its naval and military force on the mainland.

Places of Interest

Mayor Sushi (sushionsale)
  • Catchpole Helicopter Services – Acting as the warp area for St. Catchpole, the cyan and gray helicopter is the only method, besides elytra and boat, to reach the island. Fees go for as little as «20.
    • Nonstop from Aastivan - 18 in-game hours
  • Ethan's Lighthouse – Named after the creator, the lighthouse stands a proud 32 blocks tall and guides elytra and boat users safely into the harbor.
  • Town Hall/Guide Building – Serving as the island's capital building, the guide features a map of the island along with a conversion center for island currency and the office of mayor sushionsale.
  • Catchpolian Church – No one can miss this building. Located next to the embassy, the church was built to honor the SOPs and Admins of the server, along with Notch. Services are held every Wednesday.
  • Bank of St. Catchpole – This bank was built as a place for players to store their valuables and withdraw currency for any city across the server.
  • Shui's tavern – A great place to take a load off and unwind, Shui's was named after the owner of the bar, Shui Biao, a Japanese colonizer and Women's rights activist.
  • Mara's Grocer – Eating in tonight? Pick up some fruits and veggies here. Bargaining is available.
  • Trisha's One-nighters – Despite the suggestive name, Trisha's is, in fact, an inn, so named because no one in their right mind would stay there more than one night. It is one of the best places to rest in if you are making a long flight.
  • Catchpolian Police Dpt. – Crime is extremely low in St. Catchpole, so the policemen barely have anything to do throughout their day. Want an easy job here? The Police Station is always hiring.
  • Arkitekture's Yacht – This is the place to go for a party. Hot tub and dedicated helipad in the back, rooming area underneath, and multiple decks allow for a great time to be had by any who visit


  • Approved by Hywel (21/03/18)
  • Approved by CallumW25 (22/03/18)
  • Approved by Ouhai and warp set (22/03/18)