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The PCB YouTube server was originally created by TheOctopus on August 14th, 2014 and primarily run by AGx. The earliest public video on the channel is from March 31st 2015, entitled "Project City Build | Olympics WIP #1 | Cinematic of current progress", created by AGx. The channel became dormant after 2016 as AGx retired. The first video since 2016 was the 1.15.2 Creative Map teaser trailer, "A new Adventure awaits...", created by Vexnorz on April 8th, 2020. Since then the channel is run by Vexnorz and new content for the channel is in the works.


  • 100 Subscribers: While the exact date of this milestone is unknown, it is estimated to have been hit around April 10th, 2020.
  • As of November 4th, 2020 the server channel has 123 Subscribers

Video series (pre 2020)

  • PCB | Short Films
  • PCB | Specials
  • PCB | Quick Cinematics
  • PCB | Olympics WIP Series

Video series (2020-)

  • PCB | Announcements
  • PCB | Showcase Cinematics (planned)
  • PCB | Build School (planned)