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PCB Radio was a Plug.dj community. It was shut down when Plug.dj shut down due to lack of funding. [1]


PCB Radio was created as a source of public radio for the PCB community using the aforementioned Plug.dj , where PCB players would all suggest a song from their personal libraries or off of other platforms such as YouTube to queue, each person in the queue would eventually get a chance to play his/her suggested song. Members could then up-vote the song a way of saying they liked what they were hearing, or they would down-vote the song, a way of saying they didn't like the song. If enough people in the room voted to dislike the song, it would be skipped.

Use and Reaction On PCB

PCB Radio was first implemented on Project City Build on July 23rd, 2014.[2] PCB Radio, used through plug.dj was frequently used by the community of PCB. In-game automated announcements were added to the Project City Build Minecraft server, advertising it to the players and community of PCB.

The reaction of having this function on and for the PCB community was widely accepted as it was another way to bring the community closer together through the form of music entertainment.

PCB Radio Shutdown & Relaunch

On September 28th, 2015 Plug.dj had to close its doors, due to a lack of funding through donations and spending from the community and staff at Plug.dj, weeks prior on September 15th, 2015 a donation drive was started to hopefully save the site, the goal was never reached.

PCB Radio was left without a website to host their radio until they re-launched through dubtrack.fm with the name PCB Dubtrack.

On May 31 2016, Plug.dj was relaunched to the internet once again. However, PCB did not make the transition back to Plug.dj and Dubtrack.fm is the current residence of PCB Radio.