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"Our Hammers, For Vulcan" a saying still true to this day, for the people of the town still live true to their ancestors. This town is a Romanesque style town on the north-eastern portion of the 1.12 creative map of Project City Build. The town is situated between some hills and many mountains, on a peninsula connected only to a vast untamed mesa biome. While isolated from their past, they look towards the future. Joining Grand Republic of Diuettium as head of the Vulcanal Province. They plan on leading the way to exploration and expansion of the surrounding areas, as well as spreading their culture and faith to the four corners of the map.

The people of Malleus sees themselves as descendants of Rome as they were once a colony of the republic, and they still consider themselves Romans. Speaking Latin throughout the island and participating in ancient Roman festivals and religious beliefs. Following the wisdom of Vulcan they named their town Malleus, meaning hammer in latin, to honor him. They eventually also named their province after a festival that honors him, Vulcanal. To the people of Malleus Vulcan is their town's personal deity. It is said that Vulcan himself lead their ancestors to the spot that they settled and was the one who opened up the first mine.

"And We Meet, By The Sea" Although a quote that has been said by every governor since the beginning of the town, it still perfectly reflects how the town governs itself. Headed by a Governor it also adheres to a counsel of 5 elders who all meet with the townspeople near the water side and together make decisions for the town. The current Governor of Malleus and the province of Vulcanal as a whole is Jake_Mu.

If you wish to see the town the coordinates are 10875 66 -9060 or you can now /warp malleus, there you'll find the rules and town plans, please enjoy the town. :D