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Jump quests were puzzles created by staff that could be played at any time by warping to the location. The goal was to get from the start location to the end location by traversing across complex obstacles. These obstacles required the player to move and jump from platform to platform, and failure to successfully land on the subsequent platform would result in falling out of the arena (thus failing the puzzle).

Successful completion of a jump quest rewarded the player with currency/diamonds.


Jump Quest 1

Jump quest 1 was located under Sandy Point in the Minecraft Survival Beta 1.2_02 map. Completion would reward the player with 30 coins.[1]

Jump Quest 2

Jump quest 2 was only accessible by warp, in the same map as Jump Quest 1.[1]


The first two maps did not have any mechanics to prevent cheating. As some players had access to the /fly command, the system was based around trust and any player spotted cheating would be banned from the server.