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Welcome to PCB Wiki's Simple Starting Guide. This guide will teach you the basics of using MediaWiki and VisualEditor. This guide is always under construction, if there's something unclear let the wiki admins know and we'll add it to this guide.

0. Important Terminology

Here are some important terms you may hear:

  • Namespace: The wiki is divided into several namespaces. The Main namespace is where most articles are placed and it has no prefix. Files are under the File: namespace, talk pages under the Talk: namespace and so on.

1. Creating Pages

There are a few ways to create a page:

  • Click a red link, which are links that go to pages that don't exist yet
  • Type a page into the form on the homepage
  • Search for a page (top right) that doesn't exist

Some of these methods will put you in the VisualEditor and some will put you in the Source editor. Unfortunately there's no way to set the VisualEditor as default yet. If you're put in the Source editor, use the Create tab at the top-right to change to VisualEditor.

The Create tab is for the VisualEditor, the Create Source button is for the Soure editor.

2. Editing Pages

To edit an existing page, click the Edit button in the top-right. You must be signed into a wiki account to edit.

2. VisualEditor

VisualEditor toolbar-en.png

This is the VisualEditor toolbar which appears when you begin to edit a page. Most of the buttons shown here are fairly self-explanatory. Wikipedia has a good tutorial on how to use the VisualEditor.

3. Categories

Articles can be added to categories so they can be found more easily. The icons on the homepage link to some main categories, and you can see a list of all categories on the Special:Categories page. Some categories on this page are automatically added to by the wiki software, and some have pages added to them manually. Try and add articles to the most specific category possible. If you want to add a category to an article about a Creative 1.8 town, rather than adding a town to Category:Towns add it to Category:Creative 1.8 Towns.

To add category to an article, click the VisualEditor - Icon - Menu.svg icon. Then select the OOjs UI icon tag-ltr.svgCategories option. From this menu you can add categories or remove existing ones.