Doge Empire

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Doge Empire
Doge Empire Flag


Shibanu (LykaiosFelan)

Doge Empire Is A PCB Nation On The 1.12+ Creative Map That Was Reincarnated From The Doge Empire Of The 1.8 Creative Map By EpicSilvahGaming


Doge Empire was an empire co-founded by: EpicSilvahGaming, Shibanu (LykaiosFelan), and Verajasper on the 1.8 Creative Map

List Of Current Cities

City Name Warp Significance
Solem /Warp Solem The Largest City In The Doge Empire
Dogeville /Warp Dogeville Capital City Of The Doge Empire
Silver Lakes /Warp SilverLakes First City On The 1.12 Map To Join The Doge Empire

List Of Historic Cities

City Name Warp Significance
Silver City /Warp Silver_City The City That Begin The Doge Empire
Daegon /Warp Daegon The 1st Large City To Join The Doge Empire
Old Dogeville N/A The Orginal Capital Of The Doge Empire