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Diuetta (pronounced Dee-you-ette-ah), is a city founded by MattDB in the Western Portion of the Creative 1.12 Map, on the Eastern Portion of 'the Peninsula', consisting of the cities Barcalos, Avalon, and Diuetta. With first construction starting in Early April of 2018, and current progression, the Project has mainly been centered around "The Hall", which is the Diuettan Capitol Building. Around said hall, there is a Reflecting Pool, Gardens, and a Statue of "Lady Diuetta" a national personification and symbol of the city.

The City would grow immensely and began to be recognized as an important one with the founding of the Grand Republic of Barcala Diuettium, later the Grand Republic of Diuettium, due to a rename to center the nation around the Capital on June 11th, 2018. It would become the head of multiple settlements, said to surpass the record of the Empire of Lucite on the previous map.

The project was ultimately delayed multiple times, due to the efforts of trying to complete The Hall, however, with the completion of the Exterior of the Hall, the City has progressed.

Fictional Lore - For Fun

The Age of Rising Civilizations... the Lands that would become the city of Diuetta were mainly unoccupied, with locals seeking to create societies like the many greats rising, from stories that were passed along dirt trails and people travelling by boat. One of such societies that would indeed rise, were the Diuettans.

Long ago, the House Diuelle and many other Houses of this native Peninsular land would embark on a journey in the largest boat anyone at the time had ever seen, and set sail for a new land, that would be the center of the world. They arrived at the tip of the Peninsula, free from any other Lord or Lady, King or Queen, that had sought to take away the belongings of each house for war. This Peninsular Tip, was hilled and had forests, lots of sea surrounding it, and, after landing, was found to be over a large mine of precious ore, in which the people would use to trade and build this new city. These Diuelles sought to create a fair society, one not plagued by guilt or corruption like the many that have rose and fell whilst attempting to create a great state, and so they sought to include all in their plan to help create a large city. One villager would suggest to hold a Council at the center of the Hills, in which all the Houses of the Lands would meet and decide who would become the leader. Many lords spoke their goals, their ambitions, but only one House spoke about the others. Those people, were the House Diuelle, who told the villagers their plans to create a fair and equal society, not one marked by ambition but one marked by creation and clarity. Other Houses disliked this new style, as they saw other Kings and Queens rule with an iron fist and they sought to do the same. Lady Lucia Diuelle, the core founder and at the time head of the House Diuelle with the recent death of her father stood and spoke. She inspired the people with talks of prowess and rights, something no man in any lands had experienced at the time. 'Freedom', she spoke 'is the idea that all of us get to live.' , and so the crowd stood silent, until the Lord of a House rose so quickly his chair flipped, and said 'You, you the lady of the House Diuelle, you shall lead us, for we are yours. We, are your Little Diuelles, and with you as our queen, we shall be the Diuettans of this Peninsula.' and with haste, many others followed that Lord's example, and kneeled at the feet of Lady Lucia. Lady Lucia later approached the Lord who bent the first knee to her, and asked for his name. He said 'I am Henry, I have no name, my house consists of me and myself alone.' Lucia then said, 'No, you are Henry of the House Diuelle. From now on, you shall be the King of the Diuettans with me as the Queen.' and from there, Lucia and Henry would create a Kingdom that would spread and conquer the entire peninsula.

About five years had passed since the founding of Diuetta, and the first heir was born. He was John Pete I Diuelle, the Prince of Diuetta. Twenty nine years after the birth of the heir, Began the Peninsular unification, and Henry finally united all of the peninsula with his son, Nat. In a battle marked as the Castle Nata Conquest, also known as the Conquest of Birth, due to the birth of John's first-born, Lucia II Diuelle, Henry stepped down as King, but not before commissioning a statue of the Lady Diuetta, and the beginning of the Hall, and gives John the throne.

Time goes on, and many heirs are born, Kings and Queens pass their throne...

About two-hundred years after the founding of Diuetta, the Hall is complete, and so is the statue of Lady Diuetta... Henry IX Diuelle, the King at the time wages a war on the northern regions. In about three months, his armies and himself, leading the front, successfully expands the Diuettan Kingdom three times its old size. These wars were named the Natalan Conquests, after the birth of Natale I Diuelle during the war aswell.