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The economy is a system that revolves around PCB's virtual currency system. Over the years there has been a variety of ways to earn and spend currency. Currently, the economy has been removed in PCB due to disinterest and lack of use. There are no plans to revitalize it in the future.


The currency system was first implemented in late 2011(?), shortly after the launch of the Survival server.

Previous Ways to Earn Currency

  • Killing mobs used to net currency rewards based on the difficulty of the enemy. This was later scrapped when player-made mob grinders became a rising issue.
  • Jump Quests used to reward the player currency upon each successful completion.
  • The stock exchange acted like a real-life stock exchange, in that stock values would constantly fluctuate and the players could invest their currency freely. This was removed during the switch to Survival 1.7 due to plugin incompatibility.
  • Houses used to be creatable and then sellable using a sign. A player could purchase the property and full own it.
  • A lottery was previously available. Tickets could be purchased via commands and a weekly draw awarded the winner the prize pool.
  • Bank interest (see below)

The PCB Bank

In the early days of Survival, players were able to deposit currency into a bank via commands. The bank would provide compound interest for leaving money in there.


The economy was removed across survival and creative worlds in [year]. It is still disabled today.

The Market (Overview)

The marketplace has been the central hub for item purchase/trade since the beginning of the Survival server. Players can purchase a single plot to build their own customizable shop, which could then automatically sell items to other players via chests. Additionally items can purchase/sold to the Admin Shops at inflated prices (as the stock is unlimited).

Diamond Price Cap

The Diamond Price Cap is a price cap that was implemented in the Market world so that a store could no longer sell diamonds at a lower price than the Admin Shop. Sometime during mid-2015, this price cap was created when staff discovered The_Jacob selling diamonds at a lower price compared to the Admin Shop.