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Location and Dimensions

The borders of Camarion originally mapped during November of 2017.

Camarion Geological Survey

Location & Size Properties
Mainland 3212 (1380m2)
Northwest of the continent ([x]2591, [z]-6240)


Founded on November 2nd, 2017 By A_Good_Shrimp. The city Camarion was then built by additional people after the founding occurred, Penguina, and ThatMoCop. After A_Good_Shrimp had built the foundation of the city (The State Hall and The White Gate) Penguina began construction on the city alongside A_Good_Shrimp. Soon afterwards Camarion joined the nation Aricalli soon to be Kuneco, then Lucite. The city offers a multitude of food for its nation and state, thanks to its power of Wind, Water, and Fire.

Fictional Lore

ζ Long ago… in the early days of the earth. The land was violent with eruptive explosions. The planet was pummeled extensively with asteroids and meteors alike. During this era an interstellar meteor struck a cooled plate of the earths crust. Causing a chain reaction within that area an element later to be named Auria was born. Millenniums pass, species of beasts come and go. Nations rise and fall. Then, the Camari people begin to blossom into a great empire. One day a lone land scout ventured into the mountain range beyond… ..during his survey of the land he unexpectedly tripped over a stone. This stone was very unique! White as snow and jagged like that of quartz, and strangely soft to the touch! Not knowing what to do with the mineral the scout came to the decision to carry it home. Clueless of who to show it to the scout took it straight to the Emperor’s throne. Baffled by the discovery, the Emperor gave custody of the stone to the head alchemists. To study its use, strength, and..’s ability.

η In the weeks to come the stone had gone through many many tests and trials. Its strength was 2 times stronger than that of iron! Weighing at nearly 1.5 times heavier than bronze, it was exceptionally different from any metal or rock. The trials brought out very bizarre characteristics the element possessed. Looking, feeling, and even was able to be carved just like rock… …the element was able to bend, exactly like Iron, Steel, Bronze, every solid metal! Even further the element was observed to be melted at surprisingly low amounts of heat! Studies show the amount of heat required to melt the ore, was nearly half that of Iron! Meanwhile while basically the entirety of the Camarion Government was baffled by this discovery. Additional squadrons of scouts were sent into the mountains. To find more of the material, and to see how abundant this was among the mountain range. 

ξ The scouts were sent into three squads of men, the first squad was sent to the north west area of the mountains. The second, to the midwest area. And the third, into the southwest area. Not long had gone by before each squad was finding more of the magnificent ore. In the midwest squad, greed has begun to fester in one of the members of the group. He sees an advantage takes the sack of the ore they had collected, for himself. And throws down the ladder they had used to scale a fathomless ravine, stranding them instantly. The thief was later caught attempting to sell the material at his market front. Admitting to his crimes the thief was put to death. As murder and thievery was not tolerated among this government. Now seeing that greed has became an issue in this monumental discovery, the Emperor instills tight security over the experiments and scout missions.

β 40 Guards, 2 Commanders, 2 Second-Commanders, and 1 Scout Leader; were sent with each squad. Additionally the amount of squads sent at a time was lowered to 2, instead of the previous amount of 3. The reason for this was to lower the amount of military involvement as to not forget about the cities security. When the squads had returned nearly two months later, they reported a survey of nearly 300 acres worth of land that had contained the ore. At this time the tests going on were nearly complete. Another discovery made was, the ore increases the endurance of muscles within the human body. Allowing a man to run, lift, jump, and even stay awake 3 times longer than the average rate. At this point the discovery was so valuable to the Emperor, he himself began to develop greedy temptations within his heart. 

φ The Emperor began to adorn his palace with this beautiful white element. But not the outside of his palace, he only decorated the interior within because he wanted no low class citizen to see its beauty. On the contrary, the citizens found out about the construction that had taken place. Murmurs were spread throughout the city  about how precious the and beautiful it was. Then after the people were astounded by the rumors, they began to oppose the Emperor because he had kept it to himself! Although protesting against the Emperor was against the law of the land, the people began an inflamed riot. Quite literally the people among the riot had began to burn down government offices. Homes of government officers were completely demolished. Soon the citizens began to possess weapons of war. Not even a week had gone by and the riot, had soon turned into a war, the citizens against the government. Because the numbers of citizens were much, much higher than that of the army. The army began to lose ground. Additionally a lot of the members of the army have defected against their oath to the throne. Their firm belief was that they were betrayed, thus allowing them, in their minds to end their oath. The war reached every corner of the vast city, peace as the Camari People used to know it, has been lost. 

ψ The war raged on for 7 circumps. Nearing the end of this final seventh circump the throne was under a substantial siege. The palace guards had become ponderous. The Emperor had become frustrated after he tried to command his servants to bring him food, and they did not listen. At this time the Emperor was all but dead, he was defeated. But by imperial tradition the Emperor must die to instill a new government of power. Knowing this, the Emperor attempted to flee from a secret exit, on the northern palace foundation. An archer gazing over the area from a tree. Noticed his bright yellow robe as he was fleeing. He aimed his bow, and released... ...and just like that, at the snap of a bow, the Emperor was dead. He dragged his body to the city square and displayed it to the people. By the Camari tradition whoever overthrew a person in power, gained that power. Realizing the leadership the archer possessed, he decided to transform Camarion into a State instead of an Empire. This brought the people joy as they now had the political power to vote! Now because of this they had to elect a leader to power. And of course they elected the famed archer that put the Emperor to death. 

ΠAs the first leader of the Camarion State the leader declared the precious white ore to be named Auria, named after his daughter whom passed away due to a direct order from the Emperor to kill anyone who stole the ore... ...she only took a shard as small as a cherry blossom petal. The leader advanced the Auria to be available to all of the Camari State people, not the people who kept their loyalty to the throne. Those who kept their loyalty were treated as political, and social pariahs. They weren’t even welcome in the public areas. They now live among the hills, never to be seen again. The city held a great festival it was a joyous time. In the later days to come architects were making titanic structures with the Auria. Every single building the Camari people lived in, worked in, was built with Auria. The ore was so abundant the entire 341 acres of the city was built out of the amazing material. As centuries past the same people who originally waged the war on the throne were still alive. How? The Auria nearly quintuples the average life expectancy of a human. The Camari people are truly the strongest people on earth. 

Notable Players

  • A_Good_Shrimp
  • Penguina
  • NolanMo_

Population Details

Percentage of Population

Ethnic Groups

Greek 19%
Asian 44%
Arabic 2%
Caucasian 37%
N/A 1.5%

Having such a strange diversity in population ancestry the Camari people have had little to no reported occurrences of social/physical prejudice. The reason however for such a peculiar blend lies in the state's history. During the war instead of a dramatic cliff in the population it actually steadily grew! That is because the news of the war was so widespread it became a fight for humanitarian rights as nearly all governments were corrupt on this point of the timeline. So because the world saw a new nation attempting to overthrow a corrupt government men took up arms and joined the open fight. Men being from Asia, The Greece Territories, Syria, Europe and there are still little unknown lands from which people emerged. Overall during the war the population had increased nearly 68% to that of the population total before the start of the war.

Population Total Over

Earthly Rotations

Persons Count
300BC 48,000
298BC 53,000
297BC 67,000
293BC 84,640


Unlike popular belief at the time, the Camari were certain the planet they inhabited revolved around the Sun. So they did base their yearly calendar off of the rotation cycles. There is a catch though. They did not know that seasons were caused from this rotation so they could not disprove the common theory made by many astrologists that the planet was actually slowing down. The Camari people had believed the years were actually indefinitely becoming longer and longer and longer. They believed one day the planet would stop completely and all life would cease to exist due to that event. The rate they believed the planet to be slowing was 48% each cycle. So roughly each year was actually half a 'year' longer than the last. The original year was believed by the Camari to be 344 days long (science proves it to be 365). Their calculations meant the 2nd year after the first was 522 days long and this sharp increase of days went on for (365 day) centuries. It is thought they charted one 'year' as 189,000 days long. The term they used for 'years' was "Circump" (S•Er•Kuh•Mmp) meaning Circle Point.

Imports and Exports

Harp Tower Station - The soul entity that processes and logs all of Camarion's imports as well as exports.
Windmills towering over Camarion's wheat field together can produce 32 Ephas (704 Liters) of flour in just 24 hours.

Camarion has a vast variety of exports one of the biggest being wheat. This city has exploited the power of wind to process their harvests of wheat. Other exports include: Steel, Lumber, Books/Paper, all colors of Dye including Magenta, and Stone (granite). Despite the abundance of the ore Auria it is an agreed limit decided by the people that it not be sold to exterior nations due to the fear of it falling into the wrong hands. Auria Enhanced Material [AEM] however can be exported such as furniture, cookware, etc. Imports are mainly various types of meat, and dairy products. Reason for this is the geological issue with Camarion is the terrain is too rugged to farm Cows, Horses, and Sheep. Goats are possible but not very useful.

The city basically being its own nation in respects of trade has no tariffs on any goods, making trade very much sought after by all merchants. This also makes trade very easy for smaller countries that normally would not be able to afford taxes.








The Government

Camarion Flag - Designed in 2017

The Flag [Pictured Left]

Two colors, White and Blue. The white resembles the city's distinctive color and means neutrality as Camarion signed a peace act to avoid military affairs beyond the city borders. The blue resembles the sky, and waters both being Camarion's power for production: Wind and Hydromechanics. Additionally the sky connects all people so this is a symbolic gesture that Camarion is open to all.

Camarion State Hall - Midway renovation plan of building the second tier.

The Government Building [Pictured Right]

All legal meetings take place in this building, even court hearings for the time being. This is where bills are constructed, passed, and signed into law. The Hall consists of one chamber currently being the Magnificum Preatorium meaning in latin "Grand Hall". This room seats 62 congressmen and 4 judges. There is no seat for the leader as he takes care of external affairs while this 'senate' handles interior affairs. The members of this room are all sworn under oath to be in favor of all the people desire for freedom as long as it is 'reasonable'. For example: The people can not vote to make available harmful substances or harmful machinery to civilian powers.

Political Parties

There are none.

Government Involvement

There are specific incidents that can justify government involvement, however they are rare. These instances must be direct threats toward the people and or city. And they have to prove to be a Class - E threat. Anything under Class - E (C-A, C-B, C-C, C-D) is taken over by The Council which handles civilian affairs.

Type of Government

Camarion is no official class of government however it leans toward democracy be it that when people vote.





Geological Data


Being at the Subalpine zone of altitude and some parts being in the Alpine zone. The weather in Camarion is extremely unpredictable in just one day the area can be hit with 3 or more thunderstorms capable of lighting and strong winds. The average temperature in the summer is 81 Fº (22 Cº) during the day. At night in the summer the average temperature is 38-45 Fº (3-7 Cº) so it is vital to have warm material to rest with. In the Fall and Winter months During the day it is an average of 32-40 Fº (0-4 Cº). During the night it drops down to and average of 4 Fº (-15 Cº). During the winter Camarion can suffer from snow depths of over 5 feet (1.5 Meters).


• The Subalpine Zone is home to many walks of life, from over 140 species of birds, 5 species of deer, 987 species of insects. Over 1400 species of plants from grasses to trees.

The Alpine Zone Is home to under 100 species of insects, nearly 20 species of mammals including Mountain Goats, and roughly 30 species of plant life. The Alpine Zone is the toughest environment to live in and is very fragile. A single plant takes over 100 years to grow just one inch! This Tundra is too high of elevation for trees to grow so it often looks barren and empty.

Mountain Peaks [All totals multiplied by 17 to apply to real world knowledge of climate zones]

Mt. Ciero totals to be 12,257 Feet (3735 Meters) above sea level

Mt. Pencina totals to be 11,084 Feet (3378 Meters) above sea level

Mt. Luciro Totals to be 10,472 Feet (3191 Meters) above sea level

Camarion Mountain Peaks including Mt. Ciero, Mt. Pencina, Mt. Luciro.
Camari Mountain Elevations






Mt. Ciero 12,257 3735
Mt. Pencina 11,084 3378
Mt. Luciro 10,472 3191







Taking note of Camarion's Population Details, there are many different details in a structure. First we begin in noting out the Greek details in the structures.

• Greek Architecture

-Tympanons are discoverable in Camarion

- Corinthian Capitals are abundant in Camarion

•Neoclassical Architecture (European)

- Neoclassical Window Facades are found in Camarion

- Neoclassical Parapets are also found in Camarion

•Asian Architecture (No Specific Name Classified)

- Ribbon detailing is found on the ceiling and wall junction on many building exteriors.