CMW Mono 2077-Edition

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The CMW Mono 2077-Edition

The CMW Mono 2077-Edition is a compact car in a Cyberpunk style, inspired by the game "Cyberpunk 2077". It is called "Mono" because there can only one person sit in this car.

General Information

The car Bodywork Engine Transmission Horsepower Max. speed Publishing year Price
CMW Mono 2077-Edition 2-door compact car A double-engine powered

by Cybernetic Energy

1-speed 150 120 km/h; 75 mph 2019 15,000


Opening The Doors

The doTrs Dre opened by a keycard which is put on a sensor at the door. The door slides back and opens 50% of the bodywork.

Getting In

As already mentioned, the car has only one seat for on person. After you opened the doors, you step into the seat which is located in the middle of the car.

Operating The Vehicle

Once you sat down, you push the "Start/Stop Button" to turn on the engine. The accalerator, the brake, the shift knob and the steering wheel rise up. The tachometer and the speedometer are attached to the steering wheel as a display being displayed by a small metal piece located behind the steering wheel on the steering column. Pressing the "Start/Stop Button" to turn the vehicle off folds every named gadget down to its "resting-position". To get out of the vehicle, the keycard has to be put on a sensor located on the door. The door slides back and you can get out of the vehicle.

The Idea

Winston Cyber came up with the 2077-Edition for the CMW Mono because of him being a fan of the fictional era "Cyberpunk".