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  • [[Category:PCB Services]]
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  • Welcome to the PCB Wiki, a publicly accessible and editable wiki for information related to Pr ...| [[File:Bookshelf icon (red and blue).svg|x40px|link=Category:History of PCB]]<br>History
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  • [[Category: PCB Services]] PCB Radio was a community. It was shut down when shut down due
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  • [[Category: PCB Services]] The Modded Server is a secondary server. Prior to 1.6, PCB used Tekkit as the modded server, but currently uses various FTB Packs
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  • The '''PCB Dubtrack''' is a website where one has the ability to queue and listen to m [[Category: PCB Services]]
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  • [[File:2011-02-18 15.55.10.png|thumbnail|PCB's first Survival spawn]] [[Category: PCB Services]]
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  • ...ers. As of 2016, it is PCB's largest software maker by revenue, and one of PCB's most valuable companies.
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  • ...s city to shop or work, since their own city doesn't provide much of these services. ...l district called Volente. On this piece of land would mainly come all the services and other things the residents missed in their sacred place. More informati
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  • ...oject City Build services. Promotions to Administrator are rare: including PCB's two founders, only nine people have ever held the rank, six of which rema on the main server but still contribute to other Project City Build services, like the Feed The Beast server. At the moment, there is no distinction for
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  • ...oman Empire. However, the city only borrows names from the series, and the PCB city proper is unique and not based on the franchise. Grantville's roads ar of the city, located on the Adolphus River. It includes harbor shipping services and Old Jena Park, dedicated to the original NPC village that was partially
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