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Border Entrance to Sovisk
Founder Cavemaker
Map 1.16
Warp None
Theme Soviet/Russian (Brutalist)

Sovisk (Russian: Совиск) is a city founded by Cavemaker and is part of the PCBSSR. Its theme is based off of Soviet and Russian style buildings and architecture.

Sovisk owes its name to its purpose: being Soviet. It's located at the southern snow biome.

Coordinates are -7764, 64, 718.

History and Lore

Sovisk was founded at the end of the 1920s, but the official date of founding is traditionally 1935, when Sovisk was expanded as a settlement and became the center of the Sovislag system of Gulag labor camps. It was granted urban-type settlement status in 1939 and town status in 1953.

Labor camp

In the first two centuries Sovisk was exclusively built up by prisoners sent from Kreznik, which were imprisoned in the Sovisk Gulag(Russian short form: SovisLag). The number of prisoners increased annually. In summer 1953 prisoners organized the non-violent Sovisk uprising. Over a thousand participants were either moved to different prisons or were shot. 1956 the labor camp was closed and every evidence of it was removed, except an old ruin of it which is still standing today.